Your Uniqueness Sells

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Uniqueness Sells

Are you demonstrating how unique you and your brand are?

Do you show your potential clients and customers the areas of your offering that distinguish you from the rest?

Having created a so many videos for businesses, I know for sure, there are parts of your business, product or offering that differentiates you from the rest of the crowd, things that you do that will make you stand out.

Seen from a new perspective

Often it’s just having another pair of eyes, seeing you from a different perspective, that enables us to find the nugget of uniqueness, making you appear distinctly different.

Once you have found the element of your business that distinguishes you and demonstrates your uniqueness, the best way of showcasing those differences is with your own video.

And it’s been when I’ve been working with companies and individuals to create video for their business, we often identify those unique nuggets enabling us to make that business stand out.

Here are some examples.

School Uniqueness

I was asked by a school in Norfolk to make a video. The Purpose of this video was to increase recruitment of students. Recruitment is now incredibly important to the life cycle of schools.

At first the plan was to show what life was like for a new student joining the school in year 7.

A really important part of school life for both students and parents to see how wonderful that first year can be… so we told the story from the point of view of the students. You can see this video here >

Whilst we were shooting this video I realised, the work the school did in helping students make the transition from year 6 in their primary school and into year 7… was nothing short of amazing… so we planned to shoot a film about the unique approach the school had to making this transition for students much easier…

You can see this film here…

This series of films made for the school had an incredibly positive ROI, making a strong business case for their investment.

Vet Uniqueness

When we were working for Coastal Vets… creating a video for promotion of their practice… the original plan was to make a showcase video for the whole practice showing who they were, where they were and what they did…

Many businesses use video like this as a showcase for their business… which works well when there is such a diversity of work and people like in a vet’s practice…

When we were planning the video… we started to see some fairly unique benefits to clients using coastal vets… one of which was their home visit service, which was the part of the practice they were famous for… of course that featured in the video.

We also noticed they were pretty special in the way they looked after pets going in for surgery and we wanted to showcase that process and show that pet owners really had little to worry about on the day of surgery and showed them exactly what to do on that day…

You can see this video here…

Ice-Cream Parlour Franchise

The next example of uniqueness I wanted to share with you.. is from a shoot we did with an ice-cream parlour franchise business.

The obvious uniqueness about this business was that this is a family owned ice cream business… the recipe has been passed down from generation to generation, and is a secret recipe only known by the family. This golden nugget of uniqueness obviously featured heavily in the video, as you would expect…

However, from a franchise sales perspective there was another nugget that needed to be exposed…

Each of the ice-cream parlours has a party room… made to look like a Willy Wonker type ice-cream factory… They use this facility to hold parties for birthdays and celebrations… which means that a the business is not as seasonal as you might expect.

From a prospective franchisees view point this in a uniqueness that makes this business stand out from the crowd…

So this amazing business has 2 incredibly unique aspects that needed showcasing and there was no better way of getting that message out… than through video.

Your Uniqueness

If you know your uniqueness and would like to show the world what makes you stand out… please give me a call for a chat about how we can help you showcase your business with video…

… if you would like someone with experience in identifying unique aspects of businesses and helping them communicate that special nugget… then you should give me a call also… I’d be only too happy to help you expose that differentiating unique nugget that sells your business.

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