Michael Brook of About My Business Video Company discusses Why You Should Use Video

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So… like many of us in business today, people who have taken the business ownership route, or perhaps taken on the mantle of entrepreneur, you’ve hopefully realised the necessity of using effective marketing strategies to merely survive, never mind strive for the success those fire-breathing dragons in the den have achieved.

You and I know the importance of getting our potential clients, those prospects we desperately need to turn into customers, to see quite simply we are there for them, where we are in the market place, what it is that we do that’s unique, who we are, why we are the best solution to their problems and how we will go about providing that service.

Now you might already have heard or read that video is by far the most potent way to market your business today, whilst in the same moment dismissed the idea, thinking that video marketing was just too expensive and complicated, not something that a business like yours should or could be doing. So let’s deal with those common misconceptions right now! Video marketing need not be expensive nor should it be complicated or too onerous a process for you to benefit from. I’ll explain more as to why it probably is just the right thing for you in just a minute.


I’m sure you have tried many and are probably still using some of the most traditional marketing methods that have been used for generations. But here is the thing, the world has changed and it’s continuing to change… rapidly.


We can certainly not be satisfied with being a few steps behind the curve and even being on top of the curve may not be enough. Your most successful competitors are the ones who have researched the most effective marketing, and are now using it on their web sites, on their social media… and they have probably already woken up the fact that video is ahead of the curve and because of its potency and flexibility, it can continue to keep you ahead in this competitive, dynamic world of business we all find ourselves in.

So before we come on to how cost effective video marketing actually is and how easy it can be for you to implement, let’s look at what video can actually do for you and how it can help you achieve your business dreams and turn them into a reality.


I am sure we have all realised that if we are not winning in the search engine placement wars we are going to hurt badly. The clever people at Google and the like, create criteria that our online marketing must meet in order for us to rank highly in searches when our soon to be customers are searching for solutions to their needs. The simple fact is that Google and all search engines love moving images and video. So it should be no surprise a business video certainly helps you rise to the top more quickly. In fact you are 53 times more likely to appear on the front page of Google with a business video on your website. In SEO terms the longer people stay on your pages the better. It validates these pages with rich relevant content, as having high intrinsic value. You see as far as search engines are concerned a video makes your web pages sticky. Viewers are likely to stick around much longer. Therefore rise like cream to the top.

Another practical point you should perhaps bear in mind is, the media world which we now all live in has made people a little bit lazy, whilst at the same time crave bright moving images to stimulate our already heightened senses, which means that 60% of us would rather watch moving images and therefore video than read text and look at still images. After all there had to be a reason that You Tube has become the second biggest website in the world after Google… which, by the way, they own.


Your business video can educate, entertain and inspire. If you have a business concept that needs some explanation or there is a “how- to” aspect to the message, more than 60% of consumers would much rather watch a video and will spend at least 2 minutes watching a video that teaches them about your product – making them more likely to buy it. It makes life so much easier for us all; another reason You Tube is such a giant in terms of traffic.


When it comes to influencing people to realise our product or service is right for them, there is a vital ingredient in the influence and persuasion recipe that traditional advertising and marketing just struggles to achieve. We call this rapport. This is the feeling of trust people experience at a deeply unconscious level, and this is achieved through having sense of relationship with you. No other marketing medium can create a relationship with your potential customers in the way that your business video can. Being able to instantly connect on an emotional level with your visitors is essential whether you are selling tangible products or your professional services.

In terms of evaluating your marketing spend, something that’s essential for us all to do with a level of accuracy that was never consider not so long ago, video is very measurable because of the accessible analytics available. Think for a second about the last magazine or newspaper advert you invested in… do you know how many people saw that add? How many people read the piece? How many read it several times and stayed there a while? Video makes measurement of your marketing investment much more tangible.

Also unlike a paper advert or article, when it’s printed and published that’s kind of it… it can’t be changed or updated. Your video can be constantly updated or amended as your business develops or changes. For small changes, we at About My Business Video make these updates within your initial investment.

So back to how cost effective business video marketing can be.
Your business can benefit from all these incredible qualities that will make you stand out from the crowd like no other marketing for as little as £750 for a finished video; at About My Business Video Company we uniquely charge for the finished minute of broadcast video. Now compare all this with placing a half page (or even full page if you dare) in a local glossy magazine.


Contact me, Michael Brook, at About My Business Video Company for a no obligation chat about how we can get your marketing in motion and working for you right now.

Michael Brook