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Video… More Than Just for Show

I just wanted take some time to explain myself and that statement, I’m Michael Brook a film maker and founder of About My Business Video… we are more than just videographers.

Our videos do so much more than look good and sound amazing…

…About My Business videos are more that just for show!

…Before I moved into making videos for businesses, I trained and coached business people so they could influence  their customers, prospects (soon-to-be customers) and employees with a greater degree of impact and elegance.

So… Naturally, when it comes to videography and making films for people and their businesses I tend to focus on not only beautiful video and sound, I also help them understand how they can use their video to influence the people that they need to persuade more effectively. I just don’t want them to miss a single opportunity.

So when I say… “video… more than just for show”… Here’s what I mean:

Your business video can and should be used to give you and your business the edge!

In business credibility is built out of two elements.

Expertise and Trust.

There are many ways in which your video can convey your expertise and there are also many ways that you can use video to create trust.

The first part of creating trust is to build a relationship. Without a relationship on some level there is unlikely to be any trust. It may well surprise you to learn this can be done easily with video.

The lubricant or oil that makes relationship building work is Rapport

and this is a vital element in the mechanism of sales and any influence process.

It is said that when you have rapport anything is possible and when you don’t pretty much nothing is!

Simply put… When rapport builds up – barriers come down!

Rapport gives people a sense of comfort and makes your communication work most effectively.

By seeing and hearing you on video, explaining your business, your ethos, your approach to business and the reasons why you do what you do… Your soon-to-be customers have a real sense of already knowing you. What this simply means is you’ve created rapport from afar, with people you have yet to meet.

It is well-known in the psychology of influence that social proof or providing evidence

is one of the most powerful things that you can do when it comes to winning the hearts and minds of the people you need to persuade.

When we make your video we make sure your video works hard for you to influence , and we pay a great deal of attention to this most powerful law of influence… Social Proof.

After all, our unconscious is constantly looking for evidence, to prove to ourselves that our decisions are ok.

We always strive to ensure that all the elements that invoke this vital rule of influence are integral to your video.

It’s often critically important to change the way people feel! Or to make people feel a certain way and associate that feeling to you, your product and your business. Using video, it can be very easy to change moods.

You can quite literally change their emotional state. This can be done in many ways and a very simple way of doing this is through the choice of music we use in the background throughout your video. You will recognise how effective this can be, just by watching the TV and in particular in adverts and movies.

Emotional states you might want to induce or create in people are feelings like excitement, anticipation, comfort, trust and confidence.

This can also be achieved through the use of story telling and using words that change minds. Elements we build into the video creating maximum impact for you.

It’s even possible to tell people how to think! I know this might sound a little strange, but this can be a lot easier than you might imagine.

You can actually use quite sophisticated linguistic techniques that can be easily applied in the form of video, with our script writing and coaching on set.

Of course there are many ways for you to apply psychology to your videos, I’ve described just a few.

One thing that’s for certain… video is more than just for show…!